The bad news is there is so much about health and time management out there that it can be overwhelming to understand what’s best for you, let alone your mum and your gran.  

The good news is that I read, listen and investigate to filter that mass of information so you can sit back, relax and absorb the nuggets of energy to make your choices easier.

Through journalism, brand content and the odd blog, you’ll find a fresh take on what it takes to have fun staying outdoors and active.

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Since September 2015. Researching and sharing ideas that make it fun and easy for you to stay active, starting with your mornings and evenings, weekends and holidays!


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Other publications

I also contribute to Red Bull, Huffington Post and Like The Wind Running Magazine.



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My research background

BSc Hons Economics and Econometrics with Study in Spain - first class degree from the University of Bristol. Worked with big datasets and algorithms before they were cool. Became fluent in Spanish. Learnt that I find behavioural economics more compelling than classical theory economics.

That's to say I dig psychology and how emotional, cultural and social factors influence our decisions, particularly around choices of physical activity. There's a phd on the horizon to dig into the psychology of physical activity, specialising in why we dropout of good habits, how those lapses effect us and what we can do to quicken the return to a positive place of purpose and progress.