52 weeks.

52 challenges.

Shared between your team.

Are you in?

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Team up with friends, colleagues and family to take on 52 challenges in 2019.


We’re Team52 — and we’re on a mission to create the biggest fitness movement in the world. It’s for the runners, climbers, hikers, bikers, swimmers, skiers. It’s for you.

Share the 52 challenges amongst your team.

As part of the Team52 community, you’ll get challenge ideas, invitations to join our organised challenges, get social with your sport, discounts on events and gear, tools to plan your challenges, track team progress and see what thousands of others are up to.


January to December 2019. Anywhere and everywhere.


You choose. Ask your friends, your sister, your brother, your grandparents, your neighbours, your colleagues.

Each of you chooses your own challenges to suit your interests. And contributes as many challenges as you like to get your team total to 52 by the end of 2019.


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Fundraising for your chosen charity is encouraged too

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