Feeling like the start of a new term for you too?!

Does this week feel like the start of a new term for you too?! 

I feel it's a new chapter (helps that I moved house and am in a new office today!). What will the autumn term bring for you? I am totally ready for an awesome few months through till Christmas. Work continues on the next steps for the Relay (yoop!) and I have press trips to Morocco and India (yay!).

Am also opening sign-ups for the 'Team 52in52' - inspired by Sported, the charity we supported in the 52in52 and the I Move London Relay, who chose to join in by doing 52 sporting challenges between their team of 17 staff (yee-haa!).

Think your work team or a group of friends might be keen to tackle a 52in52 together starting January 2019? I'll be coordinating it all so nice and easy (yes!)

Anyway, despite all the excitement. I realised the other day, that while I feel driven, positive and sure-footed, I'm not entirely clear on what I'm aiming for work-wise, mind-wise and sporty-wise. 


A friend gave me the below Life Plan form a few months ago, I filled it in then lost it...not ideal!!! If I can't remember what my intended destination is, how do I know which direction to leave the door in the morning (figuratively speaking)?

Would you like to join me in completing the form between now and next Monday evening? I'd be happy to be your accountability buddy too if that would help? 

Here are the time frames:
90 days from today is 3rd December 2018
1 year is 4th September 2019
5 years is 4th September 2023

Let's do it. Tips on filling it below.

Life Goals.jpeg

What makes a good plan?

Head to the previous post to find out!! 

Annabel Ross