Shoes actually do make or break an outfit...Vogue says it...and so do I.

Having done lots of dressing up these last few weeks - weddings, launch parties, site tours, corporate talks, smart lunches and a school talk - I have been reminded of the different levels of fun you can have in different style of shoes.

high heels.jpg

What blows my mind is how miserable it is to be in impractical uncomfortable shoes. I try it every now and again, thinking I will be like those glam women in Vogue who wear heels, my toes will not scrunch up and the balls of my feet will not grumble 'ow' on every step I take. 

The truth is I feel great in high heels - until I don't. And that switch from love to hate happens way too quickly for my liking. It can't just be me? Boys - you feel my pain right?! You have stiff slippery work shoes too.  

What bugs me most are the choices I'm forced to make when I'm wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Firstly a little reminder about one of my life mottos:

Sitting lunge reflection with white def.jpeg

Secondly, a snippet from the art of essentialism:

“Options (things) can be taken away, while our core ability to choose (free will) cannot be.” said by Greg McKeown in his book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

Back onto shoes:

To tie that together, I have a choice as to what shoes I put on. Depending on that choice, my options are affected. If uncomfortable shoes are chosen, the most active option is taken away and I avoid movement, sit down as soon as I can and am in pain. None of those gives me joy. 

Furthermore, the option of looking cool, calm and collected (important to Exerk and Vogue readers alike 😉 ) is gone as soon as we start flinching at every placement of the foot.

How I choose to travel (when I'm wearing comfy shoes):

I have a journey planning policy: if I look at Citymapper/ Google and the walk/ cycle is comparable (within a 12 minute range), I will walk/ cycle.

I reason that the bus/ tube/ taxi will turn up late or be stopped at a red light for 15 minutes and that's enough to convince me to take matters into my own hands and human power my journeys.

So to paraphrase Vogue: 

Three reasons why shoes actually do make or break you:

1. Comfy shoes = better foot placement and posture = healthier
2. Comfy shoes = less pain = happier
3. Comfy shoes = more movement = healthier and happier

wine in a handbag.jpg

If we can put wine in our bags, we can put comfy shoes too!

Over and out! 

(stay active),


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Annabel Ross