Give yourself a pat on the back


Do you feel like you’ve never quite done enough?
I’ve spent a lot of time around babies recently and we congratulate them for EVERYTHING….for smiling, burping, getting food in their mouth, putting one foot in front of another. I love it!
Meanwhile us big kids deal with busy roads, office politics, deadlines, promotions, break-ups, physio exercises, putting feet in front of each other for 13.1 miles (congrats this weekend Helen and Chris!), organising mega adventure festivals (congrats Utiliv Festival team)…

…and no's straight onto the next thing.

Can you be quite hard on yourself? Thinking of all the things you haven’t done?

It’s time to give yourself a smile, a pat on the back and an acknowledging nod of how well you're doing at this life thing. Right now. Do it! You've got this!


To help us be a bit more TA DA, and a bit less TO DO, today I share three things I dip into when I need a little help from myself. They make me feel more positive and more often than not, give that sought-after recognition of progress:

1. Write down 5 things that went well: Grab a journal/ notes on your phone and make a habit of jotting down what 5 things made today amazing / what 5 things went well today / what 5 things I’m patting myself on the back for (whichever question resonates most with you)

2.  Celebrate with a friend: Find a friend who would be up for mutually texting: "Today I’m giving myself a pat on the back for these 3 things...". Get ready for lots of emojis along these lines: 🙌 😀 👏 👯🍾🤘

3.  Make a TA DA list of things completed today. (What you want to see on your ta da list is your to do list)

You could take it one step further and write a thank you letter to's quite the experience. 

Space for the smaller things

Each of those three techniques can facilitate space to appreciate the smaller things (remembering to send Mum a birthday card/ making a packed lunch) up to the massive things (leaving work on time / booking that swim trek holiday) 
You don’t need to do them every day. Just know that they exist and can help you when you feel low/ lost/ overwhelmed/ despairing.

How I use the techniques:

1. Write 5 things that went well: I actually do the writing thing every evening (I have been a journalist since the age of 14...imagine the treasure chest of embarrassing memories…!).  I ask myself the same 5 questions every evening that help me reflect, recognise the good that’s going on, and what I can do to change the things that could be improved. Will cover those in another post as want to keep these emails snappier than I have been!

2.  Celebrate with a friend: I did this with a friend for a few weeks when we realised we felt stuck on a treadmill. The mutual texting got us both out of a slump, so we didn’t need it as much.

I dip in and out of the TA DA list for work and admin to help me feel a sense of progress when I notice I’m drifting a bit.

3.  Make a TA DA list: What’s going well in your life at the moment? What are you patting yourself on the back for today?

Still breathing? Congrats – that’s a win. Got dressed today? Nice work!

well done.jpeg

Have a great day.

Know that you deserve a smile, a pat on the back and an acknowledging nod - even if it comes from yourself!

Stay active,


P.S. If you've seen a bit of chitter chatter on Instagram, here's a bit more info on the Team-52 launching in October. If of interest, make sure your details are on the waitlist

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Annabel Ross