I want something different for myself and for you

I want something different for myself and for you

Through Exerk, I continue on my mission to combat the fact that fitness is often the first thing to go when life gets busy.

I don't think it has to be - with routine, priority and purpose, I believe the structure and space that physical activity gives us is exactly what we need when we are at our weakest and most overwhelmed. 

The disappointment and frustration I hear from so many of you when you share stories about fitting the exercise you want into your weeks keep me going. Whether it's walking home from work, buying a bike, keeping your head above water alongside work (literally if you like swimming!), training for your first half marathon, or getting into ironman distance triathlons - I've got your back! 

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Relevant, practical and with you in mind

Having spent the last three and a half years reading, listening and analysing research papers, books, podcasts, conversations with professors, fitness professionals, mental health specialists and people, just like you, I am pretty well versed in the problems that face our society in terms of physical activity and modern day living. I probably care about you finding your fun in staying active for the long run than you do! 

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Saving you time

I am reigniting this 'blog' (still cringe at the word, blog!), to filter the mass of health/ time management information out there. Information and tips will be positive, practical and bitesized so you can apply it quickly, easily and cost-free to your life - jackpot! 
The good news is, all you have to do is sit back, relax and take away the nuggets of energy I send to your inbox every Tuesday morning. 

With that energy though, I ask you to apply a bit of effortinspirationdeliberate practice and determination to take action. I of all people know that reading without action, means nothing apart from more things to think about! 

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I dig a good question or cry for help so please do contact me by replying at any point. Challenge me too! Nobody has fully solved this problem for everyone yet but I'm committed to make some progress for the good of the nation (hehe).

See you next Tuesday...wink -

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The first installation next Tuesday gets us all on the same page - checking assumptions and agreeing on the principal obstacles - it will help you understand if Exerk is for you!! I think everyone has something to gain but who knows! 

Stay active,


Annabel Ross