What time is it?! And other short videos

Hello from the darkness that is 5pm on a winter's eve! 

Where were you last Saturday night at 2am...or was it 1am? (I was in an uber pool...it all got very confusing!).

Inspired by Daylight Saving and an old 'horror movie trailer' that cracks me up, I wanted to brighten up your evening with some pleasant videos I have loved for years. 

Each short vid puts a smile on your face, gets you thinking and is worth sharing. 

I challenge you not to laugh at these:

They call it Daylight Saving but the thing that needs saving...is us! WHAT TIME IS IT?! Horror movie trailer [2min23]

Jamie McDonald, aka Adventureman, (an Exerker... Reverse Sprint Triathlon!). Read his rave reviewd book: Adventureman: Anyone Can Be a Superhero [48secs]

A conference call in real life. My career at Deutsche Bank and Exerk are very conference call heavy...so love this video so much. Bet you will too [4min14]

Get thinking about creativity and whether what we learn at school is what we need for life:

Ken Robinson's great TED talk on school and creativity. Remember the place for art and dance [20min]

The School of Life's incredible collection of thought pieces that affect all of us...but school doesn't teach...is great [5min28]

Get happy appreciating beautiful movement teamed with music:

Afterglow: Lightsuit segment. This went out in my first ever Exerk blog. Music, sport and videography all spectacular [3min19]

For human connection and beautiful movement that we can only dream of  [2min42]

Let's remind ourselves that we can do anything we set our mind to:

Girl's first ski jump. When you feel petrified about the decision you're trying to make...watch this [1min48s]

And a non-video that will also put a smile on your face, get you thinking and is worth sharing...



In a couple of weeks we'll be launching Team52. 

It's essentially a new improved version of Exerk. Team52 makes it simpler for you to get outdoors, doing challenges with great people. 

It's the shortcut to building adventure into your week. 

Ooh, and message me any videos you know of that put a smile on your face, get you thinking and are worth sharing. 

Will plonk the best up on the Exerk Facebook group.

Stay Active,


Annabel Ross