How Exerk can help you with your New Year's Resolutions

How do your new year's resolution fare against the statistics? Can you relate to these goals collected from YouGov?

You'll be glad to know Exerk can help on each one of these - here's how

1. EAT HEALTHIER - customised reminders to help you stay on track with goals

2. GET MORE EXERCISE - weekly group activities and support to help you keen exercise in your diary

3. SAVE (MORE) MONEY - we provide the support so stop wasting money on things you don't want, and learn to stay healthy for less

4. FOCUS ON SELF-CARE (e.g. get more sleep) - this is a vital element of our programmes. We share easy tips to make it easier for you to set aside time for yourself.

5. READ MORE - we send you reading suggestions dependent upon your goals

6. MAKE NEW FRIENDS - our weekly group activities exist to bring people together to share the fun and combine social life with staying healthy

6. LEARN A NEW SKILL - we teach core life skills in an easy to implement manner so they stick with you for the long-term: strategic thinking, reflection and new ways of staying active to name a few.

7. GET A (NEW) JOB - we help you gain confidence in your ability to make time for your health and feel better. The perfect recipe for having the determination to finding that new job you've been talking about for a while.

8. TAKE UP A NEW HOBBY - Our programmes support you to gain clarity on what you really want. We promote relaxation and playfulness so we'll help you decide and stick to that new hobby (you may even find it at our group activities!)


Check out our active lifestyle programmes today to choose the one that suits you. 

Annabel Ross