Want to find time for your health no matter how busy you are? Take on the fun work-friendly 10in10 challenge

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I’m back in the UK and ready to rumble. Because it’s what I love best, have missed you all, and days are getting shorter, I figured it’s about time for another little project.

This time it’s a short one – 10in10 – to cover us up to Christmas. The 10in10 will be weekday challenges, as opposed to the weekend focus of 2015’s 52in52 (ah, the good old days!). I’m going to call it the Fall 10in10 (Fall as in autumn…so an American accent is required…The Faaaall 10in10).

Speaking practically, the Faaaall 10in10 will not be “don-your-lycra-and-let’s-go-crazy,” in fact some weeks won’t even involve physical exertion at all. The challenges will explore ways we can tone our mental as well as physical health. I may ask you to use comfy shoes from time to time…probably every week…but that’s reasonable right?

Speaking purposefully, the Fall 10in10 reflects a realisation that, while being outdoors and active is how I choose to stay healthy both mentally and physically, sport is not the only route to true health. The 10in10 will incorporate all manner of tactics I have in my portfolio that we can turn to depending on the circumstances we find ourselves – time/ stress/ location etc.

I’ll include you all on the first couple of week’s challenges so you can see the vibe. After that, I’ll break those who are hell bent on continuing the Fall 10in10 off into a separate group. Sound like a plan?

If you know you want to do the Fall 10in10 already…and I’ll be really impressed if you do, commit now by registering.

But wait. Whatttt? I hear you say, Annie’s back? But I thought she was off galavanting with whales, scaling mountains and running in the jungle.

I was. But I’m back. For what I got up to, why I did it and what I’m working on now, here’s a nice little summary.

Say hi on social media @eXerKyourself as will be back posting soon…!

Annabel Ross