Fitness is often the first thing to go when life gets busy.

Exerk exists to buck that trend.


I believe that you can make time for the things you care about.

do you?

what makes you feel great?

For me it's being outdoors and active.

Exerk's beginnings

Exerk was set up by me, Annie Ross, on the 1st January 2015. 

My motivation to start Exerk stemmed from a heightened awareness of how crazy it is that we, 'modern human civilisation,' spend so much time sitting.

Fitting exercise into our lives can be tough. Our good intentions fall away at the smallest obstacle...the push of a lift button, a dark rainy morning or hitting snooze on your alarm. 

I believe the only way to stay healthy over the short and long run is to FIND YOUR FUN IN STAYING ACTIVE. And I'm talking mental and physical health. 

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Exerk first appeared on London's streets when I (somewhat crazily) committed to completing a self-designed 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks alongside my job in banking. 

I opened the challenges up to people to join... and over 450 people did exactly that during 2015. Challenges ranged from 5km swims and triathlons to mountain biking, circle line running relays, hulahooping and roller blading. 

Along the way, I started writing as a health & fitness columnist for the Evening Standard Online, as well as contributing to Red Bull and The Huffington Post, amongst other publications. Writing is my favourite way of sharing the joy of being outdoors and active. 

Exerk in the media

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